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Monday, February 25, 2013

{the sting}

bite vs. sting

a sting and a bite both hurt initially
but the bite can be delishiously 
whereas a sting may be suspiciously

a bite and a sting are both stolen
the sting can be as pollen
whereas the bite is fallen
neither satisfying...

a sting and a bite both are denying
but the bite can be truly trying
and the sting then is more subsiding
that latter as the better...

a bite and a sting are both means of letters
the sting is already in the setter
but the bite is just metter

work is satisfying 
secret but not stolen
truly professional, I'm not denying
and in the letters
we find words...

the bite is the outcome of the words
the sting is each of the words

the aftereffect does not equal destruction
unless you let it, that is

1 comment:

  1. Each can leave a mark that might be troublesome for a time, but with loving care eventually they heal and fade away. You heal well because your heart is full of good medicine. Always have and always will.